TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A dog who was severely burned and fighting for her life after being left inside a house fire set by her owner in Lutz was released from BluePearl on Friday.

After more than two weeks of receiving treatment for her severe burns, Denali left the animal hospital to go to a foster home supervised by the Suncoast Animal League.

Denali spent more than two weeks in BluePearl’s intensive care unit, where she was monitored 24/7.

A release from BluePearl said that her deep wounds were burns caused by a chemical, rather than the fire itself.

Denali’s burns covered much of her back and sides, as if something was splashed on top of her and dripped down, according to BluePearl.

The Suncoast Animal League has been sharing Denali’s story and raising money for her treatment.