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Dog missing after escaping from tram on Tampa Intl. Airport runway

Hillsborough County

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A family is desperate to find their beloved dog, Brady, who is missing after she ran away from workers who were trying to put her on a plane last night at Tampa International Airport. What makes matters worse, is the family is in Bermuda right now.

“We are all so heartbroken. We thought in two hours we’d be going to the airport to pick her up and at this point, we don’t know when we are going to see her again,” said Brady’s owner, Bill Gideon.

Gideon and his family recently relocated to Bermuda from the Tampa Bay area. They had to wait until temperatures dropped below 85 degrees to fly their four-year-old hound-mix to Bermuda.

“We’ve been waiting and waiting for six weeks to get our family dog home. So, we feel frustration and anxiety of how we can get our arms around our pet,” said Gideon.

On Wednesday night, it was safe to fly Brady. She was booked to fly out of TIA on Delta flight 1267. But, around 6:30 p.m. something went horribly wrong.

Brady was in her crate, which had been put inside a tram.  The tram was driven to the plane. The tram door was opened so Brady could be put on the plane. But, when workers opened the tram door, she took off running.

Brady’s owners were told that Brady got out of her crate and was loose inside the tram when the door was opened.

“I don’t know how a dog chews through stainless steel. That is what is being said to me. When they opened the tram, the dog was already loose and she shot off like a bullet and took off running,” Bill Gideon, told via phone from Bermuda.

Workers tried to catch Brady, but they couldn’t.

“She’s 60 pounds of pure muscle,” said Gideon.

Brady was last seen running into a wooded area at the airport and has not been found.

“At this point, I want to know how we are going to rescue her. We just can’t wait for her to walk to the perimeter when planes are taking off and she’s scared.”

Gideon thinks she might be injured. He is desperate to find her.

Brady is chipped, but was not wearing her collar because airport workers had taken it off.

Tampa International Airport officials say they had a number of people searching for Brady throughout the day.

“Last night, our operations folks were out looking for the dog, calling for the dog, doing what ever they could to find the dog. Our air traffic control tower has been on the lookout for the dog. Animal control has been out here,” said Emily Nipps with TIA.

Nipps says it’s rare for animals to escape when they are being shipped. She can’t think of a single time it’s happened in the four years she has worked at the airport.

TIA Is hoping to find Brady as quickly as possible.

“We want to find the animal safe, but this is also a safety issue for our planes and our passengers as well,” said Nipps.

If you have seen Brady, contact Hillsborough County Pet Resources at (813) 744-5660.

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