TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is asking for help after staff found an injured and hungry 4-month-old puppy unaccompanied at their facility Sunday morning.

According to a Facebook post from the humane society, a man in a grey pickup truck drove to HSTB around 8:40 p.m., picked up his 4-month-old puppy by the skin of his neck, walked over to the 6-foot-tall fence and “flung” him into the play yard.

“He was found on Easter morning by the staff who came to take care of the animals, limping, covered in his own feces, and extremely hungry. This poor puppy sustained a humerus fracture on his left leg,” HSTB said. “How low can you get?”

The staff, inspired by the dog’s resiliency, named him Sonny, “because, despite the awful way he was treated, he has a happy and sweet personality!”

Staff said they were unable to capture a license plate number or the man’s face.

Sonny, now in good hands, will be ready to find his forever family after the extensive medical care he will need.

Anyone with information is asked to email the humane society at communications@humanesocietytampa.org.