TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Floridians are saving money while preparing for the peak of hurricane season.

The state’s second disaster preparedness tax holiday kicked off Saturday.

For most Florida homeowners, hurricanes are inevitable.

Last year Tampa Bay area residents like Robert Hogan were hit by Hurricane Ian, a deadly and destructive Category 5 hurricane.

“We kind of jumped ahead of the craziness and got some essentials, but water was the biggest one I felt we didn’t have enough of,” Hogan explained. “Next thing we knew, it was gone everywhere.”

“We have quite a bit of customers walking through the front door at 6 in the morning,” said Marlene McSwain, assistant store manager at a Tampa Lowe’s. “They’re knocking it down because they need supplies, and they want to get in and get those and be ready for the hurricane.”

McSwain said now is the time to prepare, and Saturday started Florida’s second disaster preparedness tax holiday.

“So things early,” she said. “Do not wait until the hurricane is knocking on our doors.”

“Come on in,” she continued. “Get the things you need early.”

See what you can save below.

“I think any time we can save money, it’s a good idea while also preparing the right way,” Hogan said.