TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Steven Sanders is a disabled Air Force veteran who is in a wheelchair and was living out of his minivan, but his obstacles aren’t stopping him from finishing his patriotic plans.

His mission was to travel the state replacing tattered American flags. He estimates he’s replaced in the neighborhood of 300 flags statewide. It didn’t take long for people to take note of the good he was doing.

Scott York owns See America Tours in St. Augustine and wanted to aid Sanders in his efforts.

“I was just so inspired by his story about the number of flags that he had collected, and I decided hey, I’ve got to keep up with this guy,” York said. “We’re going to provide him with 200 dollars every quarter in order for him to travel around and locate those flags and be able to get out and replace them.”

Sanders was raising money to purchase the new flags and recently reached out to a company in South Carolina to see if it was interested in helping. Katie Lyon is one of the founders of the Allegiance Flag Supply Company.

“Really, the unexpected and credible part of Allegiance is being able to hear other people’s stories,” Lyon said. “And Steven’s is a story that just blew us away. And, he continued to do that so, we are just honored that he reached out.”

Sanders is overwhelmed by the support.

“Allegiance Flag supply company actually donated 25 American flags, and they are going to continue doing that each quarter,” Sanders said. ‘So that way, I can just keep going and doing my mission.”

Sanders pledges to stick with his current mission, but he has bigger plans on the horizon. He said he would like to ask Florida Governor Ron Desantis for a bit of help with the next project.

“I’m going to continue with the flags, but my big project and Governor Desantis if you are listening or anybody is listening, the flag hero bill,” Sanders said. “I would love to give an American flag to every VA home loan that closes in the state of Florida.”