TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Democratic candidate for governor, Charlie Crist, criticized Gov. Ron DeSantis for orchestrating flights of migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard while campaigning in Tampa Monday.

“This guy seems like he goes to bed every night thinking about what group can I punish or pick on tomorrow?” Crist said of DeSantis, speaking to a crowd of supporters.

Crist visited Tampa to open “Casa Crist,” a dedicated space the campaign says they’ll use to reach out to Hispanic voters with 50 days left until election day. It is an effort the Republican National Committee says is too little, too late.

“Florida Democrats’ insincere, last-minute effort to engage with Tampa Hispanics is what you’ve come to expect from a party that compares Hispanics to ‘breakfast tacos,'” said RNC Spokeswoman Julia Friedland in a statement, referring to heavily criticized comments made earlier this year by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

“This is the biggest opening I’ve ever seen to have Hispanic voters come over to democrats just for being decent to them and not arrogant and shipping their families all over the United States of America. I mean, who the hell does that?” Crist said.

Crist, who switched from the Republican to Democratic party since he last served as governor, says he’s counting on crossover votes from Republicans and Independents to beat DeSantis in November.

“I think a lot of Republicans are going to vote for us. Moderate Republicans. Republican women. I really do,” he said.

Election day is November 8.