TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa police said they have now arrested one person and are working to identify more suspects in a shooting that sent four people to the hospital Wednesday night.

Al Davis lives nearby and said he wasn’t able to see anything, but he did hear the shots on his mother’s security camera.

“I would say about 40 to 50 shots that was fired,” Davis said.

He’s worried about his families safety.

“I just don’t want no one to get shot, you know innocent bystanders and stuff like that,” Davis said.

Tampa City councilman Orlando Gudes serves the area as an elected official. He worked for years as a police officer and said it’s time for the city to change tactics to end the violence.

“I’m just saying, old-fashioned strategies, when you’ve got a hot area, you flood the area with officers, so people can see, so the neighbors can feel safe,” Gudes said. “The neighbors don’t feel safe.”

He believes the city should be using money to pay informants to find out who is committing the crimes instead of spending money on gun buy back programs that he feels are not working.

“We have to get that money out and we’ve got to start paying people to talk to us,” Gudes said. “Gun buy backs are great but you ain’t getting the guns you really need and you ain’t going to get the guys you need to get. You can’t have an area where people are calling me and calling Diane Hart or calling us saying, ‘when are we going to do something?’ It’s not the police department’s fault, you can’t blame them.”

He believes informants will help if there is money to pay them.

“It’s about economics, it’s about capitalism, I’ll talk to you, but what’s the benefit for me,” Gudes said.