TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz disappeared from the same Tampa nightclub in 2003. Steven Lorenzo has admitted killing them and on Friday morning, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Sabella sentenced him to death.

“From one Italian to another, Ti condonno amorte, That translates to, ‘I sentence you to death.’ Mr. Lorenzo. That is the punishment you deserve for these horrific crimes,” said Sabella.

Lorenzo spoke in court during the hearing and thanked the judge and prosecutors, but never offered any apology to the victim’s friends and family.

Lorenzo again told the court why he was asking for the death sentence.

“I’m seeking the death penalty because it’s in my best interest because it’s a comfort. I’ll be living a lot more comfortably than I would if I were in the Federal system” he said, “As far as I see it, it’s euthanasia. I already have a death sentence, everybody in this room has a death sentence.”

Lorenzo then told the court why he wants to be put to death so quickly.

“The sooner that I can get euthanized, as far as I’m concerned, the sooner I can get myself a new body and come back again,” Lorenzo said.

The victim’s friends have been waiting for this moment for 20 years, but Galehouse friend Tyler Butler says he recently changed his mind about the sentence Lorenzo should receive.

“I had no clue the benefits of death row, being able to have a television, being able to have a room on their own. I believe he should suffer as much as possible,” said Butler.