TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — We know that the “great resignation” is taking place, but one Tampa Bay company is focusing on the great return.

ConnectWise is a software and services company located in downtown Tampa. It’s been growing since 1982 and has 3,000 employees.

As it grows, it’s looking to hire 500 people. The problem is out-of-state companies are offering more competitive salaries and swiping the talent away.

“With the compensation surges that are happening right now, it’s really tough to keep talent local to Tampa,” ConnectWise Chief People Officer Jennifer Locklear said.

Tech roles are one of the greatest in demand and there’s competition for good talent. Locklear said it’s been difficult filling those positions.

“We had a situation recently — we offered [a candidate] 100% more than what he was currently making, and we lost him to a Silicon Valley company for 140% more,” she said. “So it’s really important as an employer in Tampa Bay to make sure we’re keeping that talent here and that’s what we’re working to do.”

Locklear said that candidate was offered $400,000 at ConnectWise but another company swept in offering 40% more.

ConnectWise is offering remote work to help with retention. It is also partnering with local universities to help recruit young talent and help grow the business.

“People can work in any company they want to – they have options, so why do they want to work at your company?” said Locklear.

ConnectWise said regularly asks its employees for feedback and insights. The company offers flexibility with options for remote or in-person work. The office space in downtown Tampa offers high-tech and open spaces for employees.

It also said it offers a career path, which includes deeper trainings and structured ways to achieve growth. ConnectWise also invests in employees as a person and offers opportunities to volunteer in the community, which employees say they look for.