TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Just a week before classes are set to resume, and a day before early move-ins began, police said a man was found dead in parking lot 3C near the Fine Arts Building at the University of South Florida on Saturday morning.

“You don’t expect to hear about a deceased body being found,” said Gary Schmitt, an exhibition designer at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. “Right next to your office.”

“People don’t really make it this far into campus,” Schmitt added. “Especially on a Saturday and during the summer months.”

Later on Saturday, USF police said two suspects were arrested in connection with the death outside of the Tampa Bay area. Ocala police said they were aiding a USF police investigation Saturday at a Lowe’s in the area.

“It’s surprising,” Schmitt said. “The campus is really quiet right now, here in the summer, before school starts up.”

USF police said the victim was in his 60s and had no connection to the university.

“I’m glad it didn’t involve students or faculty,” said Schmitt. “The guys being from out of town makes it seem just really random.”

Schmitt and other said general awareness on campus is important.

“I think it would be important for anybody really, whether or not they’re a student, faculty,” said Haileigh Radney. “Just to be on guard and make sure to be aware of your surroundings.”

Radney takes classes at USF and she was jarred by the news. She still has questions about who the suspects are and how the police found them.

“It was just crazy to hear that sort of thing would happen and then to hear the people who were suspected of it were in a whole different county,” Radney said. “It’s crazy they got that far in that short of time.”

USF police declined to speak on camera about the death or release any names, instead saying investigators are still looking into the case.