YBOR CITY, Fla. (WFLA) — Charlie Crist continued his whirlwind tour of Florida at The Bricks restaurant in Ybor City on November 5, as he visited Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Miami as well.

“It’s time for us to take our Florida back,” Crist said. “A Florida that has decency, kindness, and compassion. And that’s what the election really is all about.”

Crist’s push before Election Day happened before a crowd of a few dozen, as he briefly hit his main talking points of abortion, inflation and focusing on Floridians.

“Get out and vote,” Crist said. “If you’ve already voted, that’s great. But make sure your family members vote, and all your friends, and anybody you know, because everything is at stake in this election.”

The former governor addressed the spree of gun violence in the Tampa Bay Area during media questions after his stump speech.

“I think what we need to do to stem the tide of crime and gun violence is ban assault weapons, have background checks that actually check backgrounds, and have red flag laws, which thankfully we already do in Florida,” Crist explained.

His supporters there want to see a stop to the violence and inflation while he’s at it.

“I call it shenanigans,” said Nicole Martin. “That’s what my daughter would say. There’s a lot of shenanigans going on and it just needs to stop and people should come first.”

This was the Ybor City resident’s first time going to any kind of campaign event ever. She hopes Crist can solve the inflation problem.

“Prices of groceries, and that’s if you can even find the groceries that you want in the stores,” Martin said. “All these empty shelves, it feels like we in a hurricane preparation, like every week.”

Other supporters, like Pam Medley, hope Crist can focus on public education and women’s rights.

“Public education is one of my big things,” said Pam Medley. “I know even when he was governor before he supported public education, environmentalism. He was against offshore drilling and spoke up very strongly about that.”

Medley’s husband, Ivo Bemblmans, wants to see civility reign again.

“Folks with different positions don’t talk to each other and it’s all nasty,” Bemblmans said. “It’s just very unfortunate.”

Crist said Governor Ron DeSantis is already off making plans for the White House.

“It’s all about his future ambition,” Crist said. “This guy’s off already, leaving Florida, running for president. I love Florida and I ask for your vote.”