TAMPA (WFLA) – Video posted to Twitter Saturday shows a brawl between e-scooter riders and a bicyclist in South Tampa. 

At the intersection of Willow Avenue and Platt Street, you see a handful of men with scooters in the median fighting the bicyclist. At one point, the bicyclist and bike are seen down on the ground. 

Jen Castrogiovanni was heading into work Saturday afternoon when she spotted the fight and recorded it on her cell phone. She says she saw the guy on the bike throw a punch at one of the men with scooters. 

“I was like, no one is going to believe me when I say I just witnessed this fight,” she said. “So I had to take the video.”

As of Monday night, the video had been viewed more than 10,000 times. At least one bystander ran up and tried to break up the brawl in broad daylight. 

Castrogiovanni didn’t see what led up to the fight but based on what she did see, she has a hypothesis. 

“My speculation is that the scooterist got in the way of the bike,” she said. 

The city’s terms of operation for the e-scooter pilot program is that the scooters are to stay on sidewalks, and stay out of streets and bike lanes. 

City Councilman Charlie Miranda said in a recent interview he hopes people follow the rules, and don’t abuse the program.

“There’s an old saying that when something is given, it can always be given back,” he said. “I hope for all those scooter enthusiasts, that is not the case.” 

Castrogiovanni also hopes she doesn’t have to witness any other similar scenes. 

“Follow the rules, stay safe,” she urged. 

TPD did not respond to our requests for comment on this story as of Monday night.

However, the city’s online calls for service log does show officers were dispatched to Willow and Azeele for an assault/battery call, right around the same time Castrogiovanni tweeted out the fight video.