TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A massive porch and yard display is bringing jump scares and photo opportunities for Tampa residents ahead of Halloween this weekend.

“Mag Halloween” is located at 205 E Park Avenue in Tampa Heights and features everything from animatronics to homemade props for all visitors to take photos with.

The home was built in 1894 and was at one point in history, a boarding home called Magnolia Hall.

Homeowner Scott South explained that he and his wife took their love for Halloween a little too far one year.

“We had a big party a few years ago and we decided to go all out for that party and afterwards we had a number of things leftover and we keep adding to it. So now, this is Mag Halloween,” he said.

South said the response in the neighborhood has been great and everyone seems to love their display, even though some props, like “Granny” the grandma, do pop out for jump scares and make noise.

He said their favorite aspects of their display are things that are homemade. “Sketchy the clown,” a huge clown welcoming trick-or-treaters on to the porch, was made by the couple themselves. A “wheel of death,” complete with a skeleton, was crafted by his father-in-law as a birthday present for his wife.

As for Halloween night, the couple is going to be busy with trick-or-treaters and a porch party for those of all ages.

“It’s chaos. This place is chaos. We give out [candy] to over 200 kids on Halloween night. We usually have some friends over. We usually have about a dozen friends over just to help us manage the chaos of kids coming in and out and people wanting to stop and take photos and everything like that,” said South. “It’s a good time. It’s crazy.”

The Souths are debating getting rid of their carnival theme next year for possibly an “alien invasion” theme, but realize they would have a lot of work to do to live up to their current display.

If you can’t make it to the porch party on Halloween night, you can follow Mag Halloween on Instagram.