TAMPA (WFLA) – Residents on Harbour Island are seeing Cane Toads, also known as Bufo Toads, in their neighborhood.

Dr. Jeannette Bimonte with Dale Mabry Animal Hospital says the toads thrive in warm and wet months, which makes the summer a prime time to see them. The toads release a toxin that can be dangerous if your pet comes into contact with one.

“It can be toxic whether they lick it, ingest it, or even if the toad has been sitting in the bowl for a bit and then leaves and the dog drinks from the bowl, that can be toxic,” said Dr. Bimonte.

Dr. Bimonte adds that pet owners need to act immediately if you think your animal has come into contact with one of the toxic toads.

“We tell them that if your dog has come into contact with the toad, flush the mouth out with a water hose immediately and then bring straight you your vet. Unfortunately there is no direct treatment for it, it’s just supportive care,” added Dr. Bimonte.

Also, be extra cautious when walking your dog at dawn and dusk hours, as it’s harder to see the toads at those times.