TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Bus riders are voicing concerns and worries when it comes to taking long-distance trips out of Tampa.

Their complaints are centered around the bus stop under the I-275 overpass on North Marion Street and East Scott Street, where passengers wait for the FlixBus.

Some riders say their safety is in jeopardy, especially when they have to wait for the bus at night.

“You had no knowledge of when it was going to get there,” Norma Hope said. “There was no phone and no restrooms nearby.”

Hope recently took a bus trip to Orlando, but she was surprised when she was dropped off for the bus. She became even more uncomfortable when her trip was delayed.

“It was late, but we didn’t know it because there’s nothing,” she said. “We were sitting on the street, on the curb.”

Greyhound said that effective Sept. 27, the bus stop would move to 1209 N. Marion Street, and FlixBus would continue to stop at the intercity bus loading zone under the I-275 overpass.