BRANDON, Fla. (WFLA) — The football world watched this past week as Damar Hamlin recovered from near-tragedy after a hit on January 2. Jerilynn Beamon and her family watched it all unfold on live TV.

“Our house was silent when it happened,” Beamon recalled. “We were all just kind of sitting there, watching the TV like, ‘Is this really happening right now?'”

Beamon’s first thought was her boys.

“It was hard,” Beamon said. “Both my kids play football too. They’re in the high school level now. But it could happen to anybody.”

As president of the Brandon Broncos football program, she has been trying to get an AED — a defibrillator — for her teams. But there’s a snag.

“All of our volunteers, coaches, everybody goes through CPR and AED training,” Beamon explained. “But we don’t have one to use.”

It comes down to funds. An AED is around $2,000 for a quality make and model.

“We’re a nonprofit, so every ounce of money that comes in here we raise,” Beamon said. “So an extra $2,000 is hard. It’s hard to get.”

Brandon Broncos football field. (WFLA)

But recently, the mother of a son on the 12-and-under team started a GoFundMe to get that much needed money.

“So I’m a mother first, and I’ve always wanted to make sure my children are protected at any and all costs,” Keshia Folks said. “But I’m also a nurse, and the Damar Hamlin story last week really touched me.”

Keshia Folks said she had second thoughts about letting her son play football — but he likes it, so she wants to protect him as best she can.

“I’ve seen firsthand how effective it is to have quick and easy access to a defibrillator,” Folks said. “Or to medicine or to the personnel that can help save someone’s life.”

Folks said whenever someone is slow to get up after a hit, she’s one of the first ones up too. An AED would give her and other parents some peace of mind.

“I always say it’s better to have it and not need it,” Folks said. “Than to need it and not have one.”

If you’d like to donate to the Brandon Broncos GoFundMe you can do so here.