BRANDON, Fla. (WFLA) – The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office confirms it has an open investigation into a shootout after a house party around 1 a.m. Sunday in a quiet neighborhood on Emily Lane.

Nobody was injured, but multiple homes and vehicles were hit by bullets.

Neighbors are turning to 8 On Your Side because they say they want someone to be held accountable.

“Literally I’ve had 3 hours of sleep the past two days, so it’s very traumatizing,” Douglas Conner-Reeves said.

More than 20 shots can be heard in the home security video in less than 20 seconds.

“It was so scary to see a fight like that,” Julio Lopez, who contacted 8 On Your Side, said. “It was like being in Iraq.”

Neighbors tell 8 On Your Side they’ve shared the video with the sheriff’s office.

“The people were shooting from here to there. I was sleeping. I didn’t see nothing until later, then when I wake up in the morning did I see my truck had a bunch of bullets and one of the bullets hit on the house,” Lopez said.

Normally, the room hit by the bullet is where Lopez said his grandchildren sleep.

“I was lucky that no one was there because who knows what can happen,” Lopez said.

There are more than ten red circles around Lopez’s property marking the spots where deputies found shell casings after the shootout.

“We right now are kind of worried about that because nobody is reponding for the damage that the property is having,” Lopez said.

Neighbors said they are also worried about another party at the address on their street that could get out of control and put the families that live nearby in danger.

The house had been listed on AirBNB, but shortly after the shootout Conner-Reeves said he contacted the online rental home company.

“We checked again late last night and actually the listing is down,” he said.

8 On Your Side tried calling a number for the person who owns the property, but nobody picked up and the voicemail was full.