TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A board tasked with reviewing Hillsborough Regional Transit Authority (HART) CEO Adelee Le Grand voted not to suspend her Monday, despite allegations she’s creating a hostile work environment for employees.

8 on Your Side spoke with employees and several board members who ultimately reached a high tide — meaning Le Grand would keep her position as CEO — at least for now as an investigation proceeds.

HART’s board launched an investigation Tuesday into Le Grand’s business practices over allegations she’s creating a hostile work environment for employees.

“I also find it extremely disheartening and unjust the way employees have been treated,” one letter from a concerned employee read.

“The union spoke, the people spoke, the commissioner spoke. Now we just wait for the investigation of the commissioners, and let them do their jobs,” Union Representative Ismael Rivera said.

Le Grand was chosen to lead Hillsborough County’s transportation agency in January 2021. She said between 2018 and when she stepped in, HART had six CEOs.

“The community deserves the best, and what we’re discussing today does not reflect the best,” Le Grand said. ”I do welcome this investigation so we can get on the other side and that they can have the facts.”

“There is a legal definition for a hostile work environment, and I haven’t heard evidence of that either,” Tampa City Mayor Jane Castor said.

With a tie vote, Le Grand will stay on the job until the investigation is complete, and a decision is made.

With the promise that Le Grand will not interfere. A hotline will be set up for independent reporting of any interference.

“I have no desire to interfere with the process,” Le Grand said. “As I’ve stated before, it is my intention that the process move forward as quickly as possible.”

The attorney has 60 days to complete an independent investigation. At that point, board members will be able to decide what happens next.