TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — In the aftermath of the elementary school shooting in Texas, many parents are wondering about the best ways to address the tragedy with their own children.

Dr. Kent Michael, a licensed family therapist, recommends several keys to your approach with your child.

“Be mindful of how much time is spent on social media and how much time one is exposed to 24-hour news,” Michael said. “Don’t feel the need to check on your children to make sure they’re ‘ok.'”

He warned that asking questions like that could only enlighten them to the news they may otherwise be oblivious to and amplify their fears.

“If kids come to parents with concerns, I think it’s best if the parents are open with them,” Michael said. While it does happen, statistically it’s unlikely to happen at their school.”

The concerns are enough for one Bay Area parent to consider homeschooling for her daughter.

“Here I am at home with my two year-old, and I’m like ‘I don’t ever want my child to go to school because of that.’ So now I will homeschool my daughter,” said Amber Romero, a mother who spoke to 8 On Your Side. “Because I don’t ever want her to have that fear. Or me have that fear sending her, being away from her for hours at a time every day, just wondering if a gunman is going to open fire into her elementary school.”

Numerous school districts in the Bay Area have made changes to security following the Texas shooting. One educator in Polk County is pleading with lawmakers to take serious steps to stop these kinds of tragedies.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed Tuesday night that the death toll in the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas had risen to 20.