TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Dozens of Uber drivers are offline in Tampa, as well as other cities across the state, on Thursday.

Drivers said despite an increase in ride fares, their pay is lower than ever before. Yet, Uber said the average driver makes $37 an hour while active on its app.

Luis Borrero has seen the decline in lower wages over the years. He’s been driving for Uber since 2014 when the ride share app launched in Miami.

“I started with $1.75, now we’re getting paid $.65 in mileage,” said Borrero.

Borrero is fed up and said he’s ready to walk away.

“I ask my customers, ‘how much you pay?’ $90 and I get paid $30,” he said. “Out of the $30, I have to spend $5 on gas. I have to pay my maintenance and my child support.”

He and dozens of other ride share drivers went offline Thursday, not driving in protest of wages and receiving no benefits.

“We’re not driving because we don’t need to support Uber if Uber doesn’t support us,” said Borrero.

As a result, some riders at Tampa International Airport had a longer wait than usual.

The group also signed a class action lawsuit against the ride share companies.

“What are we going to work for free? When you’re trying to pay your child support or your bills, nobody waits,” said Borrero

“We’ve also announced a new rewards program for drivers, added a gas surcharge to help cover increased fuel costs, introduced more transparent weekly earnings statements and allowed drivers to see exactly how much they’ll make and where they’re going before accepting a trip,” Uber said in a statement.

Lyft also issued the following statement to News Channel 8:

Lyft cares deeply about drivers and we work hard to ensure our platform offers valuable and flexible earning opportunities. It speaks volumes that despite a tight labor market and historically-low unemployment, the number of people seeking to drive is growing. We’re heartened to see rider demand rebounding–and more demand means more earning opportunity for drivers. In fact, drivers nationwide in Q2 were earning on average a highly competitive $37+ per utilized hour including tips and bonuses–reflecting an 18% increase since last year.

Lyft Spokersperson