TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Fire Rescue spent several hours putting out an apartment fire on South Carolina Avenue.

Officials said they TFR got the call for smoke coming from the roof of the Kansas Avenue Apartments in Bayshore. They said the type of roof is why the fire burned for so long.

The fire was upgraded to a two-alarm fire as firefighters fought the flames.

There were no injuries, according to TFR.

One person was evacuating from a neighboring building but officials said that building was not in any danger.

Joe Lang was driving home from work Tuesday when he got a text that the fire department was at his apartment complex.

“I was coming down Bayshore and I saw smoke and I was like, oh man,” Lang said.

He knew it was his building. He watched as the fire destroyed every thing inside.

“I lost my birth certificate, every photo I’ve ever taken,” Lang said. “I lost everything. Three computers. I still haven’t processed it yet.”

Cara Millburg lives in the building next door. She was at work when she got a text too. She rushed home, not sure if the fire would spread to her apartment.

“My cat is inside and my neighbor’s cat is also inside,” Millburg said.

Her cat was fine, but all she could so was watch too. She knew her neighbors lives had just changed.

“It’s home and those are my neighbors, and all their stuff is going to be gone,” Millburg said.

Lang and his neighbors are thankful they’re alive, and after Tuesday night, they’re comforting each other.

“We’re going to definitely keep in touch and, you know, figure out what we can do,” Lang said.