TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Advanced Placement Psychology classes are back at Hillsborough County public schools following a confusing back-and-forth with Florida’s Department of Education.

Hillsborough County Public Schools initially removed the AP class over fears the course went against the state’s new teaching guidelines.

Some elements of AP Psychology dealt with content of a sexual nature. However, the College Board, who certifies the course, said it must be taught in its entirety for students to receive credit.

In response, Florida’s Department of Education rejected the assertion that it had banned the course. On Friday, Diaz said the AP course could be taught “in a manner that is age and developmentally appropriate.”

But the decision still left districts confused and scrambling for answers ahead of the new school year.

On Tuesday, Hillsborough County Public Schools confirmed with News Channel 8 that the district had “received the assurances from the state that we can teach AP Psychology.”

The district now plans on reaching out to students who originally enrolled to offer them the course.

“Offering AP Psychology, in addition to Cambridge AICE Psychology, IB Psychology, and Dual Enrollment Psychology will serve the academic needs of our students and maintain our commitment to providing a high-quality education,” the district said in a statement.