HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A man accused of murdering and dismembering his roommate in Pasco County is facing death as opening statements in his trial began Monday.

Stephen Perry was once a writer on the popular TV cartoon “Thundercats,” as well as other TV cartoons and comic books.

By 2009, personal problems and health issues had left him homeless.

He moved into a home in Zephyrhills and allowed James Davis and his wife to live in the garage.

Davis is now on trial for Perry’s murder and the state says the crime was gruesome.

In May of 2010, a guest at a Hillsborough County motel called to complain about an awful smell coming from a van parked outside of the motel.

Hillsborough County deputies arrived and found signs of a crime.

They later went to Perry’s home and found blood evidence on the walls.

In opening statements of Davis’ murder trial on Monday, Assistant State Attorney Manny Garcia told the jury all of the evidence points to Davis.

“Ladies and gentlemen at the conclusion of this trial, I am going to ask that you find the defendant, James Davis, guilty of first degree, premeditated murder,” said Garcia.

Defense attorney Anne Borghetti told the jury, Perry had applied for a domestic violence injunction against his girlfriend, Krystall Carroll just days before he was murdered.

“Stephen Perry sought the injunction to prohibit Krystall Carroll from having contact with him,” said Borghetti, who contends much of the evidence excludes Perry.

“There is not enough evidence here. There is reasonable doubt, it is all circumstantial and that James Davis did not commit this murder,” said Borghetti.

If convicted, Davis faces the death penalty.