TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — You can call them South Tampa’s version of “The Aristocats.”

Seven Persian cats are now up for adoption at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay after their owner left behind an inheritance to care for them long after she passed away.

CEO Sherry Silk said demand is high and her staff is reviewing about 100 adoption applications.

She added they are looking for the purr-fect homes with owners who have experience with Persian cats.

“It’s really unique isn’t it, to have seven purebred Persian cats in the same room,” Silk said.

Cleopatra, Goldfinger, Leo, Midnight, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeaky still lived in 84-year-old Nancy Sauer’s $2.5 million South Tampa home for six months after she passed away.

“She’s certainly a cat lady,” Silk said. “I guess she’s had cats all of her life. They were her four-legged family.”

After a probate judge decided the cats should not be left in the empty house, Silk said Sauer’s personal representative turned them over to the Humane Society.

“They’re just in a much better situation now because they’re free,” Silk said. “They’re not in cages.”

The Humane Society now has about $300,000 Sauer set aside to cover the cost to care for the seven cats for the rest of their lives, Silk said.

“If you adopt, she left money to fund all the vet care, all the grooming, all the food, whatever these cats need,” Silk said. “We’re going to take care of them because of Nancy’s request, which is great.”

While most pet owners can’t promise their furry friends a six-figure inheritance of their own, Silk said, “Just make some provision for your animals so that when you do die that a friend or relative or someone is going to take care of them so they don’t end up homeless.”

Whoever is lucky enough to adopt the Persian cats will be able to bring in receipts for reimbursement from the Humane Society.

Silk said she hopes the attention the Sauer’s cats are getting will help the many other cats find new forever homes.