TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Humane Society of Tampa Bay received a donation in the form of 3,000 pounds of kibble on Tuesday.

Canidae Pet Food teamed up with the shelter to celebrate the nationwide expansion of its Kibble Refill Stations, available in seven Petco locations across the Tampa Bay area.

For every pound of kibble sold at a Kibble Refill Station, the company is donating a pound of kibble to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, starting with the first 3,000 lbs.

“With pet inflation causing an uptick in pet surrenders, animal rescues, like Humane Society of Tampa Bay, have experienced mounting costs. This is where pet families, in Tampa and nationwide, can rally together to help lessen the burden for animal rescues…” Canidae Pet Food said in a press release.

Overall, more than 30,000 pounds of kibble will be delivered to shelters nationwide. That is the equivalent to 80,000 meals served to dogs in need of homes, including 7,500 of those at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to feed shelter dogs in September.