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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Hillsborough woman is celebrating a huge milestone and birthday!

Last Tuesday, Leola McDonald turned 105 years old and on Friday, the Hillsborough County Adult Day Services will celebrate her big day with a party.

McDonald was born in Hillsborough County on Jan. 17, 1918. She grew up in the county’s Bealsville historical community, which was settled by former slaves from nearby plantations in 1865. According to a press release, McDonald is a direct descendant of one of the Bealsville community founders.

After earning two degrees, McDonald returned to the area to teach in the same classrooms she grew up in.

Following her cosmetology degree from Bethune Cookman College, McDonald went back to school at Florida A&M University, where she earned a degree in elementary education.

Photo courtesy of Hillsborough County

McDonald taught in the area for 38 years. She spent 25 years teaching in the Hillsborough County School District and taught in the Polk County School District for 13 years.

She’s also a long-life member of the Antioch Baptist Church in Bealsville.

According to the release, McDonald has been with the county’s Adult Day Services since 2018.