TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There have been two fatal accidents involving trains at the same private Plant City railroad crossing on US 92 near Jim Lefler Circle in just over two years.

Brenda Monroy-Felipe was friends with 52-year-old Jose G. Hernandez, who was behind the wheel when he and five others were killed recently at the crossing.

Monroy-Felipe said she would like to see a crossing gate and warning lights put up to help avoid other tragedies.

“If it needs to be changed, they can go through the proper measures to change it and then things will change as a result,” she said.

Now, Hillsborough County Commissioner Michael Owen wants to see if the county can require a gate at the crossing.

“Today I brought a future item for us to kind of kick the tires and find out; are we preempted from the state or the federal government to start making governing laws that provide safety measures at these intersections and railroad crossings,” Owen asked.

He said he believes C.S.X., who manages the rail line where the accident happened, should pay for a crossing gate and warning light to be put up at the location.

“I think CSX, if they own that particular road, then I think they should be required to do that,” Owen said.

The commissioner added that there are 18 other rail crossings in the county where there are no crossing gates or warning lights. He noted the majority of these are at industrial locations.

However, Owen said he wants to see what the county can require.