Accused Suntrust Bank shooter Zephen Xaver was indicted by a grand jury on five counts of murder Friday.

“I filed a notice that I’ll be seeking the death penalty against Zephen Xaver,” said State Attorney Brian Haas.

Haas said he plans to seek the toughest punishment for Xaver in the deaths of five women at a Suntrust bank.

Authorities said on Jan. 23, Xaver walked into the Suntrust Bank and shot and killed the five women execution style on the bank floor.

Marisol Lopez, Ana Pinon Williams, Debra Cook and Jessica Montague, were all bank employees.

Cynthia Watson was a customer. 

The State Attorney said he met with the families of the victims Thursday night.

“They are going through such a difficult time,” said Haas.

Sebring Police Chief Carl Hoglund is asking the community to stay strong.

“Please keep the families in your prayers. Keep the community in your prayers and find faith that we will find justice as a result of this case,” said Hoglund.

One question remains unanswered, why?

“We have a lot of questions, obviously. Why? How could this happen and it could have been anyone of us in that bank that day. But i don’t have those answers. But my answer is, the only thing I know is to prosecute this case in the best way that we can and that’s what we’re gonna do,” said Haas.

Xaver will be arraigned on Feb. 25.