HIGHLANDS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — It was early Saturday morning when Rod Murphy was turning off the sprinkler system in the front yard of his Sebring home. That’s when something unexpected happened. He saw a blinding flash of light and a loud booming noise.

Lightning struck just across the street from where he was standing at the time.

“It was so bright. That’s why I thought I was hit,” Murphy said.

The frightening moments were all captured on his security system, but he didn’t realize it until the next morning.

“Sunday morning I was laying in the bed I said, ‘I wonder if Ring recorded that.’ So I start going through my phone and sure enough, it had the ‘crack, crack,’ it had the light on the lawn and then when I raised it up a little bit, you really saw a great big boom,” Murphy said.

His wife Denice told 8 On Your Side she was “stunned” after seeing the video. A day earlier, she said her husband was acting “so casual” about what had taken place.

“If he had been a little further in the grass, he could’ve been hit,” she said. “What I heard was like a bomb had been dropped. The house shook and the bed. I was still in bed watching TV, watching the news and that shook.”

What the couple found astounding was the fact that there was no rain or storm over their neighborhood at the time the lightning struck down.

“It wasn’t raining, the wind wasn’t blowing hard, nothing,” Rod Murphy said.

Max Defender 8 Meteorologist Rebecca Barry said this is what is known as clear air lightning. This is when strikes happen miles away from the storms. It is an unusual occurrence.

The Murphy’s hope what happened outside their home serves as a reminder for everyone to take approaching storms seriously. They’re thankful no one was hurt in this instance.

“I am so thankful and grateful that I still have a husband and he is fine,” Denice Murphy said.

She joked that her husband has a few new nicknames now, with one being “Lightning Rod.”