HIGHLANDS COUNTY — It’s a post the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office thought it would never have to make, according to a post on its Facebook page — an emu on the loose.

Deputies said the emu, which appeared to be resting for the candid camera, was spotted near Altvater Road and E. Bonnet Lake Road. The sheriff’s office didn’t speculate the bird’s gender but noted its impressive speed.

“Did you know emus are very fast?” the sheriff’s office questioned. “Definitely faster than us.”

Fast indeed. In fact, emus are known to reach a top speed of nearly 30 mph. Far faster than the top speed of an average human.

While some Facebook users speculate the emu’s origins, others couldn’t contain their urge to crack a joke at the post. One comment read, “You should call 1-800-Liberty. The liberty mutual guy might know.”

Another person said, “Somebody call Doug at Liberty Mutual. His partner is loose.”

In all seriousness, the sheriff’s office asked anyone with information on the emu or its owner to call dispatch at 883-402-7200.