Hernando deputies: Teens throwing rocks from overpass targeting passing cars


BROOKSVILLE, Fla (WFLA) – Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputies are on the hunt for three teens spotted chucking rocks off the Suncoast Parkway Pedestrian bridge as it crosses Cortez Boulevard in Brooksville.  The rocks hit a car’s windshield this morning.

The driver wasn’t hurt, and called 911. The following is a portion of that call:

Caller: “There’s a group of kids that were standing, um, up on the walkway and they just impaled my car with rocks and took off running down the trail.

Dispatcher: Were you able to tell about how old they were?

Caller: Uh, no I didn’t. I seen them just standing there um as I was going through and then all of a sudden a bunch of rocks hit my d… window and they took off running.”

Deputies responded but weren’t able to find the three young men, but Denise Moloney with the sheriff’s office says it appears they weren’t finished.

“The deputy did go up onto the overpass and found a pile of rocks up there,” said Moloney. “Looks like they were getting ready to throw or had plans on throwing.”

Moloney says the teens are playing a dangerous game and will face criminal charges if they are caught.

“I’ve had like a little rock or something that hits the windshield that’s kicked up by another vehicle and the sound that it makes scares you half to death,” said Moloney.  “It could have been much worse.  Had it been busier, had there been another car there.  I mean your instinct when something hits your windshield, you know it scares you. “

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