TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Recent mass shootings across the United States have many people on edge.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office has been offering classes to teach people what to do in mass shooting situations.

“What we teach, it’s not a tactics course, it’s pretty much how your brain reacts during a critical incident,” said Deputy Jason Deso who teaches the course.

The agency has offered the course once a month for the past eight years.

Deputy Deso says they have had to modify the course as more mass shootings occur.

“We are constantly updating our information on what we teach and how we teach it, based on what happens in different events to make people safer and give them a little bit more information,” said Deso.

Deso says it’s helpful to teens and older adults. The course is offered to anyone 15 years old and up.

“It’s got to be younger and younger as you see as time goes on. I mean, elementary schools have been targeted. I mean, it’s not just schools it’s where you are doing your daily business, it’s churches, so you want to teach your kids younger and younger,” said Deso.

More information about the course is available on the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office’s website.