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What’s Going Around: Tampa Bay area doctors treating pink eye, lice and more

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Allergies remain in full bloom across the Tampa Bay area, but there are a few other things school children are taking home each day. In fact, a couple are pretty icky!

In Hillsborough County, a lot of kids are contracting pink eye, which is also known as conjuntivitis. Pink eye is caused by a virus or bacteria. It is very contagious, so it’s important once you see your child may have it, to get them the eye drops they need to heal it. Children should also make sure to wash their hands, and if they wear glasses, be sure to clean them to remove all germs from the rims.

In Hillsborough and Polk counties, head lice is going around. Although it’s nothing dangerous, it is also contagious. Kids should stay home from school until the lice are gone. There is specific shampoo that can help rid your child of lice.

With allergies still in full effect, pediatricians have some tips for school kids. Moms and dads, be sure to get the non-drowsy allergy medicine for you child and give it to them before they go to school. Cetirizine (Zyrtec Allergy) and Desloratadine (Clarinex) are good options and can be purchased over the counter.

Pollen can get stuck to the bottom of your shoes, so it is also a great idea to keep shoes outside, in the garage or right inside the door so it doesn’t spread throughout the house.

For those severely allergic, Dr. Lou Romig suggest children be kept inside at lunch and recess.

As for the flu, there’s good news on the horizon.

“Most of the flu at this point is Influenza B which is a good thing because it generally is a little milder than Influenza A. It’s also a signal that the end of flu season is coming,” says Dr. Romig.

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