(WFLA) — Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s have a unique opportunity in Seminole. A neurologist is looking for patients to volunteer for a nationwide clinical trial called LIFT-AD.

LIFT-AD is open to people diagnosed with mild or moderate Alzheimer’s who are 55 to 85 years old. They need to have a partner who can go with them to doctor’s visits throughout the 8-month-long process.

Dr. Deborah Burke is one of the investigators in the trial and says there are many reasons to join one.

“It might help their condition. I think that’s the main draw for people to go into clinical studies,” says Dr. Burke. “We have to be very careful to help them understand that it is a trial. We can’t promise results.”

John Holbert of the Bay Area has lived with Alzheimer’s for the last 6 years and is a champion of clinical studies like LIFT-AD. Alzheimer’s runs deep in his family, and when he saw a newspaper ad for an Alzheimer’s study, he signed up.

His study was separate from LIFT-AD but he still says it changed his life and that he would surely be in a different spot in his diagnosis than he is now.

“I wouldn’t be where I am for now for sure. The history is there. My grandmother, my mom, and that happened quick. I’m going on year 6,” says Holbert, who enjoys working at Tropicana Field during Tampa Bay Rays games.

LIFT-AD is a double-blind study and there is always a chance a patient could receive a placebo.
150 spots need to be filled by early next year.

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