(BLOOM) – Shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice rooted in connecting with higher realms and inner wisdom, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z. Mariane Ferreira, a spiritual practices and emotional well-being expert, sheds light on this growing trend that is capturing the interest of younger generations.

A Modern Take on Ancient Practices

The number of people identifying as followers of shamanism has seen a significant uptick over the past decade. This increase is particularly notable among younger individuals, who are often characterized as emotionally reserved. Despite this, many are turning to shamanic practices for healing, self-discovery, and emotional balance.

Ferreira, who facilitates transformative experiences through her practice, Ocean Healing, believes that shamanism offers a bridge between ancient traditions and modern understanding. “I consider it a privilege to be a conduit for healing, growth, and transformation,” she said.

Not Just a Trend

While some may dismiss shamanism as a passing fad, data suggests that it is the fastest-growing belief system in several European countries, including the United Kingdom. For many young followers, the practice holds the promise of profound life changes.

Ferreira’s approach to shamanism integrates energy healing, reiki, and other modalities to create a nurturing environment for self-exploration. “My goal is to create a safe space where individuals can tap into their innate healing potential,” Ferreira remarked.

Beyond Religion: A Pathway to Healing

Contrary to some misconceptions, shamanism is not tied to any particular religion. It is a practice that focuses on the individual’s connection to higher powers and their own soul’s mission. Shamans like Ferreira use a variety of tools, including plants, prayers, and blessings, to facilitate healing.

Ferreira, who claims to have been born with the gift of healing, describes the process as one of “vital energy.” She absorbs a portion of her clients’ internal struggles and transmutes them, aiming to return the individual to a state of health. “This process is difficult, but I have the permission and strength to confront the negative energies,” she said.

Ocean Healing: A Synonym for Holistic Wellness

Ocean Healing, led by Ferreira, has become a beacon for those seeking transformative experiences. With rigorous training and certifications, Ferreira has honed her skills as an energy healer and reiki practitioner. Her sessions have been credited with releasing stress, addressing emotional blockages, and promoting holistic wellness.

For those interested in exploring the world of shamanism, Ferreira offers a modern, compassionate approach that has already ignited transformative experiences in countless lives.

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