TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is keeping a close eye on red tide this year.

Over the past week, FWC said the ride tide organism, Karenia brevis, was detected in 123 samples along Florida’s west coast. Bloom concentrations were present in 75 samples, including two in Pinellas County, seven in and offshore of Manatee County and 27 in and offshore of Sarasota County.

According to FWC, red tides occur almost every year in the Gulf of Mexico. They can harm marine animals and humans.

Some people can experience respiratory irritation when red tide is present and winds blow onshore. The Florida Department of Health advises people with severe or chronic respiratory conditions, such as emphysema or asthma, to avoid red tide areas.

When red tide is present, the FWC warns people not to swim because the toxin can cause skin irritation, rashes, burning and sore eyes.

FWC created a map to keep track of where red tide has been detected along the coast.

The map shows levels of red tide ranging from red, meaning high, to gray, meaning it is not present in the area. FWC said the map will be updated daily.