CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) – Customers at a Checkers restaurant in Cleveland, Tennessee say they found a disturbing scene over the weekend: hundreds of buns, just feet away from a public toilet.

Video confirms the buns were in the bathroom.

Stephen Staley, who manages a nearby McDonald’s, says he was visiting Checkers on Saturday when he took the video.

“My first thought was “Are they going to serve them?,’ and speechless other than that,” said Staley.

He says he took the video to keep others safe.

“I’ve been to get a serve-safe certificate, and you learn about all of that stuff in that class,” said Staley. “Food safety is definitely a big priority in a restaurant.”

He confronted the manager on duty about the buns being in the bathroom.

“They said they were trying to get them out of there and inside of the restaurant,” said Staley.

“That’s nasty, I don’t want to eat,” said customer T.C. Cooper. “I’m never going to eat there again.”

A spokesperson for Checkers released a statement saying:

The health and safety of our guests is our top priority and a bread delivery mistakenly left in the bathroom is completely unacceptable. The buns were misplaced during a delivery at the franchise-operated Checkers location in Cleveland, Tennessee, on Saturday, April 23,2016, and when discovered, they were immediately disposed of by the restaurant team.The buns were never served, and the employees involved in the delivery have been disciplined. The Health Department conducted an inspection at the restaurant this morning and confirmed the disposal of the buns. We apologize to our guests, and we are taking actions with this franchisee to ensure our operating procedures are followed.

Some customers say that’s not enough.

“No, it’s a wrap I’m done,” said Cooper. “I’m not going to eat there any more. It’s nasty you know the management had to know about this.”Read more: OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: