MOUNT DORA, Fla. (WFLA) – Gruesome details have emerged after an elderly Florida couple was found stabbed to death at their home in a Mount Dora senior living community on New Year’s Eve.

According to reporting by the Orlando Sentinel, Sharon Getman, 80, was found dead in the entryway surrounded by a pool of blood. Her husband, Darryl Getman 83, was also found dead. The Getmans suffered severe wounds to their heads and abdomens.

It was reported that Darryl was found with severe facial wounds and a yellow butcher knife was still lodged in his stomach.

Bloody shoe prints along with a handprint found at the scene were able to narrow down that the suspect was a woman and on Monday, Vickie Williams, 50, was charged with the couple’s murder.

Inside the home, a series of bare footprints were found, suggesting Williams had removed her shoes while in the home, the outlet reported. Williams’ hair was found in a guest bathroom, along with evidence she had attempted to clean up the brutal crime scene.

During the investigation, officials noticed that Sharon Getman’s purse and phone were missing. The Sentinel reported the affidavit revealed the Getman’s son told detectives his mother usually kept her cell phone, purse, and keys in her Kia Soul, which Williams was found driving in.

Officials reportedly used cell phone data/pings from Sharon’s cell phone to ping locations in Georgia, where Williams was arrested.

The outlet reported that Williams was arrested at an Amtrak station in Savannah, Georgia on Jan. 2. Sharon’s purse and a coffee cup that appeared to have a blood stain on it were found inside the car.

According to reports, when Williams was arrested, she told police she hadn’t been to Florida in more than two years. She also gave investigators a fake name and told them she was homeless and had been living in the car.

The Sentinel stated that when authorities showed Williams pictures of the Getmans’, she said they looked familiar, but claimed she didn’t know the couple.

Police also showed her a photo of a female suspect taken from a surveillance camera at the senior living community. Williams said that the photo wasn’t her, but the shoes the woman was wearing were similar to a pair she owned, claiming “lots of people have those shoes,” the outlet reported.

According to the site, investigators were able to track down Williams’ mother and son in Ohio. Once they were shown photos of the suspect, they “immediately” identified her.

Williams was extradited from Georgia to Lake County Jail. She is being held without bond and faces charges of grand theft and two counts of first-degree murder.