HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (WFLA) – April the giraffe suffered an injury at the Animal Adventure Park Monday morning, and viewers’ constant emails to the park have the team ready to pull the live feed down.

April has a small twist of her leg and has been favoring it when she walks.

The park’s veterinarian is aware of the issue, and the park said the injury is not unheard of in long-legged animals.Related: April the giraffe gives birth: What to expect after the baby is born

The park posted on Facebook that they appreciate the concern, but they are being bogged down with emails regarding April’s well-being.

“…but, the bogging down of email servers and other platforms is the exact reason the giraffe cam will need to be pulled,” the park posted.

In a comment, the park said the camera will come down between Wednesday and Friday of this week. They say this was the plan from the beginning, so they would be able to focus on the park.

The park is preparing to open for the season and said the emails are hindering their limited time.