POLK COUNTY, GA (WCMH) — The Polk County Sheriff says he plans to cut the sentences of the inmates who jumped into action to save a guard’s life.

According to Polk County, Georgia Sheriff Johnny Moats, an officer was working security detail for the inmates at a job site when he suddenly collapsed.

All six inmates at the work-release site jumped into action and began helping the officer. They grabbed the guard’s work phone to call 911, and removed his gun holster and bullet proof vest to help him breathe.

Moats told WXIA he plans to reduce the inmates’ sentences by about a quarter.

“They really stepped up in a time of crisis and they showed it. They really care about my officers,” said Moats. “Anytime we have a trustee or inmate crew, that goes beyond normal duties, we cut them some extra time off.”

The guard, who was a deputy on work detail, is expected to be OK.STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: