TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A unique krewe took to the sidewalks of Kennedy Boulevard on Saturday to celebrate Gasparilla and enjoy the festivities, despite the cold.

Bernadine Roy, of “Ye Royal Krewe of Sidewalk Pirates” chatted with 8 On Your Side while waiting on the parade at the end of the route.

“We choose to be the sidewalk pirates. So we just get [here] super early and we set up our area with lots of food… hot, hot stuff to drink, and have some great signs and just let everybody know we are Ye Loyal Krewe of Sidewalk Pirates for well over 20 years now,” she said.

(WFLA Photo)

Roy said they had been at their location since around 11 a.m. The group had hot tea, cocoa, kielbasa and hot dogs on deck to brave the long day and the weather.

While happy that Gasparilla is back, Roy and her party were definitely feeling the chill.

“It is freezing! This is probably the coldest Gasparilla I would say that we’ve been to,” she said.

Youngsters Addison, Harrison and Eric were in the little party of the krewe. They were braving the elements in tank-tops.

“We don’t [have] shirts on so we can find the chicks,” Harrison said.

(WFLA Photo)

“We’re freezing!” Addison said.

“I can’t feel my skin,” Harrison echoed.

If you missed the Invasion or Parade of Pirates, you can check out our full coverage online.