The coldest air in years is blasting our way this weekend, complete with a freeze on Sunday morning. Saturday’s temperatures will be uncomfortable for most with the temperature in the 40s.

Once the winds fade on Saturday evening, temperatures will start to free-fall down through the 40s and 30s. Most areas will see freezing, or subfreezing temperatures early Sunday morning.

Only coastal areas south of Hernando may avoid a freeze Sunday morning

All of Citrus and Hernando counties and most of Pasco County will get below freezing with temperatures ranging from 27-32 degrees. These areas are under a Hard Freeze Watch, which will become a Hard Freeze Warning during the day Saturday. Temperatures in these areas could get as cold as 25° and 4-6 hours will be spent below freezing. These are the only areas that need to be concerned with protecting pipes. Exposed pipes should be wrapped or dripped. All areas need to take caution to protect their plants, bring their pets inside and ensure you are heating your home safely. We often see a rash of house fires during cold snaps, especially involving space heaters.

Pinellas county, areas near the Bay in Hillsborough, and coastal Manatee and Sarasota counties will avoid freezing. Temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 30s wit frost possible. Residents in these areas need to bring their pets inside and protect frost-sensitive plants (tropical or freshly planted.)

Areas away from the Bay in Hillsborough will see temperatures between 31-36 degrees. Pipes are not a concern here, Pets, plants, and heating your home safely are your concerns. Areas that get below freezing n this zone will see a light freeze, between 2-4 hours below freezing.

Polk county will see temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, spending 3-5 hours below freezing.

Hardee, Desoto, and Highlands counties will see temperatures between 29-32°, with most areas narrowly avoiding freezing.

Temperatures will warm quickly under mostly sunny skies on Sunday, but we only make it into the mid 50s.