TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – City of Tampa officials are asking for family recipes as they launch a new community cookbook.

Monday, Mayor Jane Castor will join Tampa’s Arts & Cultural Affairs Director, Soulwalk committee members and local chefs to announce the launch of the city’s new ‘Soulwalk Community Cookbook.

The cookbook is a part of Mayor Castor’s “Soulwalk” initiative. Earlier this year, Castor announced the Soulwalk as a art and heritage trail that connects historic sites and shares stories of Tampa’s Black communities. It spans 46 miles and 25 neighborhoods and in ludes 100 stops people can explore.

Now, there will be a cookbook the community can enjoy as well. Similar to the trail, the Soulwalk Community Cookbook will share the history and journey of African Americans in Tampa.

Monday at 10 a.m. at the Epicurean Kitchen Theater, Mayor Castor will make a call for recipes. Mayor Castor along with WFLA’s Deanne King, will then join local chefs for live demonstrations of them cooking unique soul food recipes. Chef Khalilah McDuffie and Dr. Jamaris Glenn, owners of Madam Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour will participate. Along with Chef Corey miller of Big John’s Alabama BBQ and Chef Greg Epperson of Hotel Alba will whip up some meals as well.

To submit your recipes or memories, click here.