TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A new Netflix series highlights a Black-owned real estate company with all Black agents in Ybor City.

“Selling Tampa” premiered on Netflix Wednesday, becoming the latest real estate show to hit the streaming platform. It’s a spinoff of the hit show, “Selling Sunset.”

The show will feature Allure Realty, whose office is on 7th Avenue in Ybor City. Sharelle Rosado is the broker and owner of Allure Realty.

“I’m a boss. I get things done, I know how to have fun, but there’s a time and a place for everything,” Rosado said. “You will see some of that military structure come out.”

Rosado opened Allure Realty in 2019 after serving 12 and a half years in the military. When she opened the firm, Rosado says she was big into the agents and the company as a whole having a big presence on social media.

That paid off.

“It was Women’s International month in 2020, we posted a photo and we had several producers reach out to us,” she said. “I didn’t like the way that producer was portraying us as minority women. We are not Atlanta housewives. We are beautiful, Black and about our businesses.”

That’s when Rosado reached out to the producers of “Selling Sunset,” and it was game on from there. After about a year of pitching ideas, conducting interviews and ironing out logistics, filming took nearly six months.

Juawana Colbert is the office manager at Allure Realty.

“I kind of help Sharelle in all type of ways,” Colbert said. “She always calls me her right-hand man, but I always go back and say woman.”

The firm is composed of all female agents – meaning the show features an all Black female cast.

“It’s groundbreaking,” Colbert said. “I don’t even think me or any of the ladies are really grasping the magnitude this show is going to have. Young ladies, minority women and women in general. It’s going to give people inspiration.”

“As an attorney you walk into rooms, a lot of times you ‘re the only one who looks like you do,” realtor and cast member Rena Frazier said. “To walk into this office with all this Black girl magic, it’s fantastic.”

Frazier started as an attorney and later became a real estate agent. 8 On Your Side interviewed Frazier live during WTTA Great 38.

“Sharelle encouraged me to get my real estate license,” Frazier said. “When she opened her brokerage I was the first agent there.”

In the Netflix trailer for “Selling Tampa,” the world is left with a big cliffhanger surrounding Frazier’s idea to possibly open her own brokerage.

“I have my broker’s license, so I can start my own brokerage,” Frazier said. “Sharelle and I were friends before the show started, we’ll be friends after. What you’ll see on the show is we have different ideas of management style and the way some things should be handled and you’ll see how we work it out on the show.”

“Rena and I, we always go back and forth,” Rosado said. “You’ll see that on the show, but at the end of the day, if Rena wants to leave I support her 1,000%.”

Regardless of the disagreements, the cast has one message.

“We’re like sisters. And sisters fight, but at the end of the day we come back together,” Colbert said.

“What I’d love for people to take away from it is that you can have ambitious women work together, have disputes and remain friends regardless of what the outcome is,” Frazier added.

Frazier is heavily involved in the community. She hosted a fundraising event with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at the Rialto Theater.

The show “Selling Tampa” is now available on Netflix.