TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – The Stem Xposure program is a local non-profit organization working to expose STEM careers to minority/underprivileged girls throughout Tampa Bay.

Robyn Donaldson is the founder of Stem Xposure. She created the program to give back to her community.

“I’m doing what someone once did for me,” Donaldson said. “My mentor taught me about construction services and helped me get to where I am today, so I’m giving back and doing the same.”

Donaldson founded the program in 2018. Nearly 400 African-American girls have gone through the program thus far.

“Going through the program, yes you will learn about architecture, but most importantly you will understand the same 10 steps to design and build a house are the same 10 steps you will take to build your life,” Donaldson said.

The students in the program learn about all things related to science, technology, engineering and math. However, they also learn about sale strategies, business plans and pitching, they take field trips to local businesses, get mentored and more. The program also focuses on teaching students how STEM impacts the beauty industry.

“I didn’t even know the two had a correlation,” said Sakeya Donaldson, CEO of FlyGirl Approved.

Sakeya is an author and long time fashion stylist who was approached by Robyn to be a part of Stem Xposure. After conducting research and realizing the breadth of STEM careers in the beauty industry, she hopped on board.

“Once I started doing my research and I started seeing these careers that were available and the underrepresentation these girls could make in these careers, I was like wow, I didn’t know about it, so if I didn’t know about it, I guarantee others didn’t know this existed,” Sakeya said.

Sakeya leads the program’s Science of Beauty summer camp. Last year, 25 African-American girls spent a week at the Glazer Children’s Museum learning about the science behind beauty products, building product lines, pitching business ideas and more.

Teresa Hernandez is also a part of the STEM Xposure program and used her brand, Girls of Color Take Over, to help students during the summer camp as well.

“Black women have been marginalized for so long,” Hernandez said. “We’re strong, we’re powerful. My goal is to help these young girls understand their purpose and know they can take over any industry they desire without any fear in doing so, and this is the perfect age to get them to tap into their talents.”

The Stem Xposure program accepts minority girls in third through twelfth grade. To register your child for the program, or for the camp, click here.