TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Patrick Rhodes has spent all of his lunch breaks this week delivering food to teachers across Tampa Bay for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Rhodes, better known as, Patrick the Giver, continues to make an impact on this community. What started as a random idea of delivering lunch to healthcare workers during the pandemic has turned into a passion for giving in any way we can.

His latest venture has been delivering meals to teachers as a way to say thank you.

“They do so much for our community and raising our young people to be adults, so I just wanted to show them appreciation for what they do,” Rhodes said.

For one week, Rhodes picked up breakfast and surprised teachers across Tampa Bay.

His efforts are recognized and appreciated on a national level to the point where he partners with restaurants like Einstein Bagels and Dunkin Donuts to provide food for teachers. He has been visiting Title I schools, which are schools with a high number of students who come from low-income families. His hope is to serve as an inspiration to those students.

“When I’m able to reach back to kids that look like me I think it’s important that they see someone in the community doing great things and inspires them to do something nice that day or in the future,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes has several other volunteer ventures. He collects books written by minority authors and donates them to local schools. He also collects toys and donates them to the Tampa Community Center. He’s always looking for help from people in the community. To join in on his efforts, visit his website.