TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A local man who spends his off days and lunch breaks giving back to the Tampa Bay community has a set a new goal of impacting local teachers and students.

Patrick Rhodes works in the corporate world by day, but in the midst of those days, he still makes time to give back to the community.

“Every place you go you try to spread some good so that’s my philosophy just trying to be a positive role model impacting our community,” Rhodes said.

News Channel 8 featured Patrick the Giver last year when he set out on a mission to deliver 2,021 meals to healthcare workers. He completed that goal, and after watching the show Abbott Elementary, he decided he wanted to give back to local schools, teachers and students. Particularly, minority students attending schools in low-income areas.

“I know how it felt when I was growing up and I didn’t see representation in places I would go or things I would read, so if I’m able to make a small change in different communities means a lot to me,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes has donated nearly 600 books so far to three Tampa Bay schools. His latest delivery was to Booker T. Washington Elementary School. He received the books from comedian Leslie Jones.

“Social media is so powerful and I use it as a way to give back to the community because you can reach people you wouldn’t normally come across,” he said. “She [Leslie] was tagged in one of my posts about helping the community and she donated 500 books.”

Books with various different colors and hair textures now fill the Booker T Washington library. According to the school’s Principal, Monica Barber, 60% of students are Black and nearly 40% are Hispanic. Barber says the impact Rhodes is making on the students is tremendous.

“It means they are able to see themselves in a text and relate to the text,” Barber said. “It’s nice to have covers with characters that look like our students. They can go up and grab that book and say hey this is me, I can be that person.”

Rhodes is still collecting donations. He needs about 1500 more diverse books in order to reach his goal by the end of the year. To reach out to him visit his website, or reach out to him on social media @PatrickTheGiver.