TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – CurlCap is the first Black woman-owned apparel company to sell official, licensed Disney merchandise.

CurlCap makes history as the first Black woman-owned brand to sell licensed Disney logos and characters on its products.

CurlCap is an apparel company that sells satin-lined backless dad hats. It’s a design that was created to ensure people with natural, thick hairstyles had a stylish way to fit their hair into a hat. Britney Crowell if the founder and CEO.

“I had psoriasis for a while,” Crowell said. “It was so abrupt. I was taking a shower and washing my hair. It was shedding so bad, no shampoo, no product, it was just water hitting my scalp.”

Crowell stopped using products on her hair to help combat the psoriasis. She was limited to certain hairstyles, but she still wanted to find a way to wear her hair when she went out.

“I took my dad’s old hats, cut them up and my Aunt Darlene taught me how to crochet,” she said. “I made the product myself with my own hands.”

With the help of her fiancé and friends, CurlCap was born. Now Crowell has a number of different colors and themes for her hats.

According to CurlCap’s Instagram, the patented design is among the top 10 hats on Amazon on a consistent basis. The hats also have over 5,000 five-star reviews on Etsy and Amazon.

The CurlCap design brings style, hair and cultural representation all together. Crowell’s design was created to make sure people with the natural hairstyles like afro puffs, braids, twists, locs and more had a stylish way of wearing a hat that fits.

“Representation is very important,” she said. “It’s why some people don’t wear their hair a certain way. Your natural state is beautiful just the way it is. You can be ready, have your rod set, have your twist out, of course you are a cute, you’re beautiful in your natural state.”

Crowell’s latest design includes licensed Disney logos and characters. She is the first Black woman-owned apparel brand to have this kind of collaboration with Disney.

“This entire journey has God all throughout it,” she said. “The very first CurlCap picture was taken at Disney World with my fiancé and now we have official Disney merchandise, it’s incredible.”

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