(WFLA) — Today is National Senior Health and Wellness Day and sometimes how to work out and exercise can be quite confusing.

Should we eat before a workout? How do we refuel after a workout? And how do we make sure we’re getting enough or not too much after a workout?

Registered dietitian nutritionist Abigail Dougherty recommends never going to workout on a completely empty stomach, but instead fuel up for your workout with a snack comprised of carbohydrates and protein.

Some example snacks include a handful of grapes (carbohydrates) and a hard boiled egg (protein), a half of a banana and a handful of almonds or a whole food snack bar like a LaraBar.

For post workout, Dougherty recommends trying to time meals around your workouts to ensure you get a great blend of healthy fats, carbohydrates and lots of protein. For instance, going to the gym after work or during your lunch break and then having dinner or bringing lunch from home to have within 30 mins to

For instance, if you’re going to the gym after work or during your lunch break, you should eat within 30 minutes to an hour afterward to properly rebuild and replenish your muscles.

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