On Wednesday, August 2nd, the founders of read.repeat Chase Hartman (11) and Vance Tomasi (12), along with their little brothers donated 2000 books to teachers at Sheehy Elementary School (Hillsborough County).  The boys learned the school had lost many classroom libraries to recent flooding and wanted to help. This is the first day teachers return and they had the opportunity to choose books to fill their classroom shelves.

The boys have collected and distributed nearly 35,000 books to 38 schools, hospitals, libraries and charities in the past year since they founded read.repeat. After learning that some children in their Hillsborough community didn’t own their own books, and that many people and businesses dispose of thousands of books, they set out to solve both problems:  get gently used books into the hands of those in need while encouraging reuse and reducing landfill waste.  They created www.readrepeat.org